Health­care Mar­keter Convicted For Ille­gal Kick­back Scheme

medicine fraud

Patrick Osemwengie, of Richmond, has been convicted in a Houston federal court in connection to a fraud scheme.

Osemwengie played a supporting role as part of a larger home health conspiracy that resulted in $17.7 million in fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid billings. 

Osemwengie illegally sold patient referrals to Grace Healthcare and Ebra Home Health Services, whose owners pleaded guilty to charges stemming from this investigation. Osemwengie charged $500 for new patients and $250 for recertifications. The home health providers then billed Medicare and Medicaid for home health services that were never provided. Several recipients have confirmed that Osemwengie paid them kickbacks to sign up for home health services. Other recipients were prevented from receiving genuinely needed home health services because of the scheme. 

A federal jury deliberated for 15 minutes following a two-day trial before finding Osemwengie guilty of conspiracy to pay and receive health care kickbacks.